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Cronus Health & Fitness, LLC is a BBB Accredited Personal Trainer in Huntsville, AL


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Our Promise   
Our distinctive feature at Cronus Health & Fitness is our in home personal training services. It basically means your personal trainer comes to you & not you taking time to go to the gym. By doing this our clients can feel more at ease and concentrate on the task at hand because they are in their environment. They are not at a gym where they may feel overwhelmed or intimidated. We provide lifestyle changes; good nutrition is more than weight loss or gain. Weight loss and gain are just transient indicators of energy balance, since energy balance and weight can change from one day to the next. Therefore, what we do, is find a long-term set of exercise and dietary habits that is based on the intersection of the following three goals: *improved body composition * improved health * improved performance.
Our Services
    We offer a range of services to fit your fitness and health needs. We offer Exercise Therapy, Fitness Nutrition, In Home Personal Training ( Single, Couples or Group Session) Call or email us for pricing - CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY FITNESS EVALUATION - Valued at over $50.00.
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